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  • Name: WIN228
  • Founded: 2016
  • URL:
  • Country: Indonesia

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Withdrawal / Deposit Duration stands tall at the pinnacle of all online sportsbook, poker and live casino sites. Utilizing state-of-the-art software and systems, they provide users with the utmost of thrill and entertainment in betting.

Power Sport Books

One of its primary advantages compared to other sites is that Win228 offers the most comprehensive and most sophisticated odds machine for sportsbook.

At an amazing refresh rate, it gathers information and calculates the factors such as players, field conditions and numerous others that could potentially affect the outcome of a match. It is a very reliable system for everyone, whether they are a first-timer or a veteran.

They’re variety is astonishing, too. From football, basketball to tennis, odds will be provided at an impressive rate of accuracy. The system literally caters to anyone.


Beyond a strong presence in sportsbook, Win228 also provides live casino, online poker tables as well as other mini-games.

With the user’s preference in mind, Win228 would set up different suites/live casino rooms tailored to their needs. Be it high stakes or lower, players would find themselves enjoying the atmosphere as they experience the pleasure of virtual staking there.


  • 5% bonus for every deposit, can be withdrawn if the credit reaches 3 times of the amount of deposit + bonus number
  • Bonus Weekend 10,000 every Saturday and Sunday for each DEPOSIT
  • Bonus 10% lifetime referral to a poker game
  • live casino comission 0.8%
  • toggle 2D: 29.5%, 3D: 59.5%, 4D: 66%

All Sports Betting

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