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  • Name: Satu8Casino
  • Founded: 2015
  • URL:
  • Country: Indonesia

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SATU8CASINO has been one of the biggest online casino service providers in Indonesia, with a considerable number of traffic and followers to compete on the international arena.

As it name suggests, the site provides an unmatched variety of recreational wagering activities. Whether a visitor feels the desire for some high-yield lottery, join in on a poker table or want to put a bet on their favourite sport team, Satu8Casino can provide them unto complete satisfaction.


There are four major schools of betting activities that anyone can enjoy on Satu8Casino. They include sports betting, live casino, poker matches and mini-games.

Depending on the thirst for thrill of the user, Satu8Casino provides a wide variety of suites/live casino rooms tailored to their needs. Bet high or low, players would find themselves enjoying the atmosphere as they seek to rest and recreate through the pleasure of virtual staking.


Thus far, Satu8Casino has done an incredible job in making their websites and pages user-friendly. They’ve done well to make sure that their services cater to everyone’s needs and make them feel welcome.

Since the company is based in multiracial Indonesia, it is natural for them to set the default interface language as Indonesian. But they also took the careful attention to detail by allowing language options; so far, the additional languages Satu8Casino provides include English, Malay and Simplified Chinese. These lingua franca languages would be able to provide a worldwide coverage with just a click on the language icons just beneath the main page banner.

There are no restrictions on who will be able to join in the fun. Those interested only need a computer or mobile device to access the website, register for an account, make a deposit to claim their registration bonuses and then pick and play their favourite game!

So far, there are 4 Indonesian banks directly affiliated to Satu8Casino:

  1. BCA

There will be more affiliated banks to come as Satu8Casino gradually expands their reach.

Customer Service/Promotion

As soon as you access, there will be a chat box that popout. It links you to the net’s customer service support agent where you can inquire, provide suggestions for improvement or file complaints – and you will be surprised by how fast they get back to you.

Satu8Casino also maintains a friendly attitude and prefers a personal approach when it comes to their clientele. They are active on all social networks; whether it is WeChat, Facebook or Whatsapp, they will be on hand to provide you with anything you want.

For first time users, there is a 110% Welcome Bonus as well as a starter pack bonus of a 130% yields. Followers of their social channels would know that Satu8Casino provides a great number of bonuses and freebies from time to time, which is only possible because they have a firm customer base that keeps on growing.



Sportsbook,Casino & Slots

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