• Name: GG Domino
  • Founded: 2015
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  • Country: Indonesia

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At, players can experience the standard only professionals expect of online competitive gambling. It is one of the select few poker rooms online that allows any user to make the most of their deposit.

GGdomino runs on a moderate but growing Indonesian based clientele, but offers smooth running graphics and software as well as unique local games that satisfy any customer looking for pleasure and excitement.

Games and Promotions

As of 12 April 2016, there are two internationally acknowledged games alongside three other exotic games unique to East Asian countries. They are:

Int. Games: Domino, Texas Hold’em Poker

Local Games: Capsa Susun, Bandar q, Adu q

GGdomino has made sure that players can select a tier of bets/ payments that they are comfortable with to cater for everyone. In essence, no visitor would ever feel unwelcome.

Players would also enjoy the chance to double their winnings easily, and enjoy a 10% bonus for referring new players to the site.


The software and engine that runs GGdomino’s gameplay are competently established, to say the very least. They ensure that players would not be frustrated in the middle of a game by strange disconnections or disrupting glitches, while ensuring a fair and balanced play between players.

GGdomino also have formed great partnership to certain major banks in Indonesia, which ensures the security and safety of player’s deposits. It guarantees players easy access to winnings, and the satisfaction that they would expect of an expert-run casino.

Should users have any form of doubts, they can easily access the GGdomino customer service which runs 24/7 on various channels. Their customer service representatives are known to be friendly, helpful and efficient.

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