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With the versatile yellow design,Ipoker8,an online poker gambling and dominoes website is said to be one of the most reliable in Indonesia and wants to attract the attention of prospective members by showing a variety of latest online gambling games. Online gambling website which we usually encounter in general is only providing online poker games and domino only.


Ipoker8 gambling wishes to be revolutionary on the world stage, providing something different in the gambling scene which are dominated by online poker and dominoes. Ipoker8 does have a brand product which are online poker and dominoes . The game available is a little different from the norm which are provided by other gambling sites,because ipoker8 provides a wide selection of online gambling games. Here is an overview of gambling game provided by ipoker8:

Poker and Domino

Gambling games,poker and dominoes on ipoker8.com, not much different from the game provided by other agents of gambling poker and dominoes.


Togel is a game where gambler will guess the number issued by the slot machines. Togel online gambling have many kinds and ipoker8.com too provide several kinds.I’m sure the readers whom are knowledgeable in this type of game will be interested. The togel are available in 4D, 3D, and 2D.


Online sports gambling is very well received by everyone.They can bet on their favorite team through ipoker8.com

Casino is a gambling game among players with a machine that has been created as an opponent, where the game is programmed and random .. casino game is also quite popular, such as bola tangkas and other similar games. With 1 ID,each member can gamble in the casino at ipoker8.com.

Ipoker8.com Promotion

With the latest features available, IPOKER8.COM give Bonus Promo offers that apply to all new members of IPOKER8.COM. We will discuss the Bonus Promo one by one, below.

New Member Bonus

Each new member will get a bonus credit of 20% of the amount specified (minimum deposit of Rp. 50.000, ). This bonus will be given automatically into every new member who has done Depositing. This bonus can be redeemable by the member, provided that the Turn Over reach at least 3 x of the total amount of the deposit + bonus given. To get this bonus, members must meet the terms and conditions below:

Like Ipoker8 on facebook

Leave a comment on Ipoker8 Gallery

Provide real information

Bonus can;t be combined

Cashback(Monthly turnover)

Ipoker8.com cashback bonus can be referred as turnover bonus. Ipoker8.com provide turnover bonus of 5% of the total bets made by every loyal member. Bonus credits will be distributed into each member, which will be calculated every week and distributed on Monday

Pulse Bonus

Do not miss this bonus!Every month ipoker8.com will distribute pulses to members who regularly play poker, dominoes and other types of gambling on its site. Therefore, the accuracy of the data requested by ipoker8.com to you, should be valid and correct. It is because that the data will act as a reference for your bonus. For other bonuses,please visit ipoker8.com

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