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GenkPoker review



Genk Poker established itself as one of the reliable online game sites for poker and domino. It has also proved attractive to many users with its combination of great rewards and reliable operation system.

With just a minimum deposit of 15,000 Indonsian Rupees, players can enjoy the many different games that the websites offer. They can also enjoy dependable feedback and assistance from their customer service that is ready to serve 24/7.

Affiliated banks to GENKPOKER include: BCA, MANDIRI, BRI, BNI

The only drawback is that there are quite a number of times that users find themselves frustrated by the frequency in which the website is down for maintenance. Some argued against this, believing that this issue proves that Genk Poker always seeks to improve themselves.

Secure gameplay

It is customary for any online casino sites to validate first-time users with registration forms so that they can protect themselves with passwords, security questions as well as captcha to ensure they are not a bot.

But Genk Poker goes one step further than this, and has made it a compulsory rule for users to create a second pin using an onscreen keyboard. This method may be seem troublesome, but it is a step that ensure enforced protection for clients.

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