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AFA Poker

AFA Poker

In its default language of Indonesia, AFA Poker brings originality and grows client confidence towards online poker in the country. The company also provides its own unique software so players can login to play across platforms, whether it is Android or a typical desktop.

As with most other online poker sites there, they would occasionally offer promotions to loyal players. Referrals are also rewarded alongside referees.


It is known that AFA poker holds one of the more secure and fair poker gameplay around.

Players have to follow compulsory registration rules, especially in regards to bank information. Should the info is found out to false, the User ID will not be activated. They would also grant users an avatar to properly distinguish themselves amongst players.

They also set up standard issue protection from bots, such as captcha and security questions.


Nonetheless, there were those who find that the additional security measures leaves AFA a little underwhelming, because it is a lot more trouble than needed to play, and the rewards can also be limited.

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